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Virtual Reality Space Experience

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Mission Objective

V.R.S.E’s primary mission was to develop a novel platform capable of external, suborbital, 360° video capture that will ultimately be used to create an immersive, virtual reality experience for NASA Wallops Flight Facility and Goddard Space Flight Center’s Education and Outreach program. The secondary mission on V.R.S.E was to collect acceleration, distance, & temperature sensor data of the entire flight.

Final Report
Where VRSE Started
Where VRSE Went [Space]

My Role on the Team!

My role on this team was Project Manager and Integration and Testing Engineer. Our team picked up this project from the previous team who (because of COVID) has essentially timed out of the project which was supposed to take 1 year. We had four months to take the prototype show above and get it flight ready! I operated as the team manager and did most of the subsystem integrations and testing along with the rest of the team. It was my job to make sure we were making the progress required and to test for issues, and collaborate to come up with solutions (very quickly). Because our team was rather small, we all wore a lot of hats and learned so much about every aspect to making our payload function properly.

Testing Videos
More Documentation

Team Check in 2/19/2021

Full Mission Simulation Review

Team Check in 4/2/2021

GSE Check-in Visual Verification 6/3/21

Remove Before Flight Procedures 

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