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Covid Relief Designs

Summer 2020

Hands-Free Hand Sanitizer Station for the City of Arvada

Project Description

Through the IDEA lab at Red Rocks Community College, the City of Arvada tasked a team of us to design and build cost-effective and quick-to-build units to contain and dispense hand sanitizer on the streets of Old Town Arvada 100% hands-free


The final design entailed a foot pedal that  pulled a wire down that was connected to a manual pump support for the top of the sanitizer bottle which was custom 3D printed for the city's sanitizer buckets.

My Role

My role on this team was helping with the design and taking measurements of essential components, coordinating with the mechanical engineer, as well as building the prototypes and final units 

Ventilator Splitter Connection

Project Description

In partnership with Anschutz Medical Hospital, our student team at Red Rocks Community College were tasked with coming up with a rapid design for a ventilator splitter connection that would allow for more than one patient to use a ventilator.

This happened at the height of covid and we were essentially designing, building prototypes and testing from home. We met over zoom to discuss design changes, and arrange 3d printing of prototypes.

Public Coverage

Design Documentation

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