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UCNP Fluorescent Microscope

[Up-Conversion Nanoparticle Fluorescent Microscope]

scope dark.jpg

Project Description

This project objective was to build a fluorescent microscope that would evoke the up-conversion energy process of doped nanoparticles by pumping 1550 nm coherent light into a sample and capture the emitted 980 nm wavelength via avalanche photodetector. The end goal was to image with the data and integrate a squeeze light source that might enhance the up-conversion process. Possible applications for this concept were mainly medical, for using nanoparticles to help image inside cells inside the body. 

Final System Schematic


Beginning System

[February 2022]


End System

[August 2022]



Check Out Detailed Documentation of the process

Alignment Calibration Report (Example)

Power-sweep Procedure 

Characterization of Squeeze-Light

Squeeze Light Overview Presentation

Sample Calibration for Imaging Procedure

Operating Squeeze-Light Source Procedure

Fluorescence in Action

Data Analysis of 5 Samples

data analysis.png
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