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What a Ride

As a curious and passionate person first and foremost, my journey to becoming an engineer, artist, physicist and designer has not been a linear one. But it has given me a powerful and vast set of skills and widened my perspective as a human.

I grew up in the humble town of Greensboro, NC. I was a writer at a young age, self-publishing a novella by 18. I played music locally and wrote for some time after high school. Running away with the circus at 21, I learned work ethic and built practical skills by starting as a porter, and working my way into carpentry, plumbing, train mechanics, heavy machine operation and welding.

Deciding I would enjoy a bigger challenge, I chose to land in Denver and begin a higher education at Red Rocks Community College and received an Associates Degree in Mathematics. I participated in many different student projects while attending, including Colorado Space Grant Consortium (NASA student missions for undergrads) and helping to run an engineering lab within Red Rocks for students. I built a passion for mechanical engineering and 3D print prototyping through my experiences there.

I soon transferred to University of Colorado in Boulder into the Engineering Physics program and continued my work within the space consortium (headquartered at CU), working on a total of 4 student missions. I branched out into optics and photonics engineering for a year and learned more about opto-electrical systems.

Feeling the need to tap back into my creative roots, and integrate a more human-centered focus into my engineering approach and experience, I decided to dual major in Creative Technology and Design as well as Engineering Physics.  

In my Free time, I like making art, coming up with new ideas for projects, hanging out with my beautiful dogs and enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.

Misty Slope
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