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Debris Orbital Tumbler and Thermal Sensors

Screenshot 2023-05-19 190541.png
Mission Objective

Our mission is to develop a concept toward a cost effective method for de-orbiting space debris that is too small to be tracked from Earth. Our secondary experiment’s mission is to find more cost-effective materials for future experiments/projects in space that can sustain the effects of re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

Final Report
Payload Right Before Flight
Launch Video
Payload After Splash Down
My Role on this Project

My role on D.O.T.T.S was a mechanical team member and mechanical systems integration lead. I collaborated with my team on experimental concepts until we agreed on a base objective. I helped to develop designs for prototyping and lead the testing and integration that would lead to changes in the design based on our objectives and constraints. 

Project Symposium Poster
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