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Foundations of Design

In this space, you can browse through my works in progress within my foundations of design course. Enjoy!

Space Jam Project

Project Description

In this project we came up with a movie title before finding out the genre of the movie we would be creating a poster for. We then individually designed the poster using terrible clip art and photoshop. Constraint: only use 90% of the space in the design.


"The Things They Find"


A beautiful couple from the suburbs are separated by death after a love lasting 40 years. The wife dies of old age, leaving the husband alone in their suburb home. He thinks his life is over. Then he finds a shoebox in the back of a closet and find that his wife was not who she seemed to be at all... 



Movie Poster _The Things They Find_v3.png


Crash Course on Design Process Documentation

Project Description

Using a mood map of another person's day, we were tasked with designing something  that would help them improve something about their day or solve an issue that seemed to be a pattern in their daily life. The purpose was to get us used to the design process and get used to quick iterations and failing early as well as practicing a foundation of empathy as the driving force


Julia's lowest point in the day seemed to revolve around her commute to campus 


The problem to solve was helping to get Julia to school in a quick and stress free way because her current experience was stressful and often time consuming



In 5 minutes, I came up with 15 ideas. Some really terrible and some maybe decent.  Then I chose my favorite 3 ideas to develop further and get Julia's input on.

Light Rail System from Broomfield to different parts of the CU campus

Toll Road lane for commuting students (free of course)

Commuter Campus for students to have optional shorter commutes with some of the same resources as the Main campus

Julia seemed to like this idea the most, especially after hearing of the resources that would be available on such a campus, so the idea was developed further with her input. 


A very sad prototype indeed, thrown together in 5 minutes. But Julia got the idea


We didn't quite get there. Much more work to do on the prototyping stage

Super Sketchy Project Documentation

Project Description

The purpose of this assignment was to come up with a name for a product that would be an "on-the-go" morning drink. 







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